Tae Kwon Do And Karate

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      Kwon's Blackbelt Academy is one of San Diego's Oldest and Largest Traditional Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do schools. Teaching classes in Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do and Martial Arts in the San Diego Chula Vista area since 1977.

    Martial Arts For Children

      Keeping kids active in these high-tech. times can be a real challenge and Karate may be just the answer. At Kwon's our focus is on physical fitness, building self esteem and improving self-confidence. Classes are taught in a positive, non-intimidating and fun atmos­phere. Naturally you are en­couraged to stay and watch as your child grows emotionally, builds new friendships and learns about respect, discipline and self-control...

    Martial Arts For Teens

      Our martial arts program is high energy, exciting and motivating.   You'll enjoy the workout as well as the life long friendships that are built training with your piers.   Learn to show and expect respect, build strength and confidence as well as leader­ship skills and experience. Develop an athlete's balance, poise and presence as you learn to wield various martial-art weapons and master the hand to hand skills necessary to defend yourself and others...

    Martial Arts For Adults

      Tae Kwon Do is "whole-body" training. It works on both the body and the mind as well as offering a great way to reduce stress and keep in shape. At any stage of life, whether man or woman, Tae Kwon Do is for you. Traditional Korean Martial Arts help instill patience, disci­pline, per­severance, under­standing and open-mindedness. Tae Kwon Do also builds confidence, develops self-control, increases calmness, courtesy and peace. And while certainly fun to do as exercise, don't forget that you're building self-defense skills as well...

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